Are you suffering with Blood Pressure and are thinking what have done to keep eating so many tablets on daily basis? You might be wondering shouldn’t there be easy home remedies to control it while the medicines do their work!

Well, you came to the right spot and we are going to discuss about the home remedies that will help you control Blood Pressure.

What is Hypertension or Blood Pressure? 

Hypertension is referred to a state that your body undergoes when  heavy stress is applied on brain and your heart as pump out loads of blood at a faster rate than usual. This causes for you to lose consciousness and even undergo severe heart and brain strokes.

What causes Blood Pressure? 

Hypertension can be caused due to genetical reasons, obesity and food habits. Let’s list out all of those once,

*Lack of nutritious food


*Irregularities in food intake

*High salty foods


*Genetic condition

*Lack of proper exercise

*Stress released diseases

*Adrenal disease

*Kidney disease

Blood Pressure has become quite a common disease these days, so there are some home remedies that will help you control it and also, prevent it if you are careful enough.


Including these items in your daily diet you can be sure to reduce your High and Low BP.

* Garlic

Garlic is dangerous to take so much, as it can reduce the ability of blood to clot. So, be careful.

* Curry Leaves

* Drumsticks

* Celery


*Fenugreek Seed powder

*Sesame seed powder

* Ginger


* Bananas

* Lemon and water

* Cat’s Claw Decoction

* Hawthorn

* Broccoli

* Gooseberry

* Blueberry

* Hibiscus powder Tea


* Indian Liliac

* Ceyenne Pepper

* Almonds

* Fish oil

* Black Seed Oil

* Coconut Water

* Watermelon seeds

* Flax seeds

The way to use these ingredients in your diet and how to take them depends on your health condition. So, consult a doctor or a dietian to know proper ways ti use them in your diet.

Prevention is better than Cure:

Eat proper food. If you start thinking about your body, then you will stop thinking about damaging fatty foods. Well, you don’t have to reduce your appetite but taking good food at right quantities is the start to avoid Blood Pressure.

Do Regular Exercise. You may not maintain a fit and slim body but try not to make it lazy. Go for regular exercise to keep your heart healthy.

Distribute Work properly. Never try to take too much of work that will make you stress out soon. Enjoy the work and plan the completion accordingly.

* Reduce alcohol. Alcohol is fine in limited quantities but when it goes beyond a limit, it leads to failure in organs and also puts huge amount stress on your body.

* Reduce smoking. Heavy smoking will not just cause cancer but also cause diseases related to breathing and weakens your brain activity and heart activity too.

Well, keep yourself fit and take proper caution about life as it is a huge present for all of us.