How to get rid of Stretch Marks? (Infographic)


This is the question, one of my friends (writer of this article chose to make it a bit more personal to give an easy example), asked another one, can we get rid of stretch marks? I wondered if we can or cannot?

To know if we can or cannot, we need to learn about them first. So,

What are Stretch Marks?

The thin lines you see on your skin at different areas like tummy, near elbow, on shoulders, at hip, thighs and many areas. These lines are Categorized as Red Stretch m

Stretch Marks

arks and White or Silvery stretch marks.

Red Stretch marks are caused due to recent change in your weight, that effects the skin’s elasticity and they are scratchy.

White or Silvery stretch marks mean they are aged and it gets hard to treat them.

What causes stretch marks?

Well, there are many reasons but the top-most reason will be that, if you see stretch marks on your body at any area, then you might have probably undergone weight change either gain or loss. As the skin reacts to weight loss or gain due to its elastic nature, it leaves a stretch mark.

The major reasons can be listed as

* Pregnancy
* Puberty
* Body building
* Corticosteroids usageStretch Marks- 02

* Genetics
* Rapid weight gain or loss.

Ok, these might be the reasons how to know that they are Stretch Marks?

* Skin looks flattened and thin before stretch marks develop
* Red, pink or purple lines will appear on skin
* They feel soft when we touch them
* The lines are wrinkly, in the initial stages
* They appear like scars.

Remedies you can follow to avoid Stretch Marks

Apply oils on the stretch marks

You can use oils like :

* Vitamin E oil
* Moroccon Argan oil
* Olive oil
* Castor Oil
* Almond Oil
* Coconut Oil

Apply Juices to the stretch marks

* Lemon Juice (with Honey or Glycerine)
* Potato Juice
* Cucumber Juice
* Tomato Juice

You can also Apply:

* Egg whites
* Aloe Vera
* Sugar with lemon juice
* Black Tea Massage
* Apricot Mask
* White Sandal wood
* Basil leaves
* Avocado
* Coconut Milk
* Lady’s Mantle
* Baking Soda
* Apple Cider Vinegar
* Rosewater and Glycerine
* Milk and Banana pack
* DIY Tiger Salve for Stretch Marks
* Yoghurt with Honey Pack.

Stretch Marks- 02

To get rid of stretch marks constant physical exercise is the best way to go forward. Include in your diet, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Gelatin rich food items, Omega-3 Fatty acids and also drink 8-10 glasses of water.

Try to make your daily routine a healthy one to get rid of these stretch marks as physical exercises, good food and water will help you keep them at bay! Live Long and Live Healthy!