How to relieve Stress ?


Stress has become a huge problem for every working individual today. No matter whomever you might be, there is a good amount of stress that gets associated with you everyday.

How to relieve Stress ?
How to relieve Stress ?

What is actually Stress?
When you google the definition for Stress, this is what you find out,
“a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.”

That is the bookish definition and in simple terms, we can say that when we strain ourselves about anything the resulting pressure on us, if it increases to a point where we cannot bear anymore, that state is Stress!

Stress Relief
Stress Relief

So, why should I care about it?

Well, for beauty reasons, if you don’t care about stress you age faster. Your hair turns grey and then white pretty soon, this is a huge sign of stress.

And to overcome the stress exerted on you, you try to compensate with eating more and this will lead to eating disorder and obesity.

If stress increases more and more, it will result in fatigue, a state where you don’t want to really do anything and your concentration gets wayward.

When stress increases to the pount where there is no relief at any point, it will result in High Blood Pressure and even Heart Stroke, in extreme conditions.

Scary! How can we relieve from it? 

Well, you should first get rid of the lazy person inside you who is happy with eating and sleeping than work towards fitness.

We know that work timings doesn’t allow to rest and there is always additional work to worry about and on top of that client advices, meetings, HR warnings, deadlines and Manager’s lectures.

Yes, one can feel really stressed out under all these circumstances but life is not something you always enjoy. There will be adversaries too. Overcoming them with solid determination is a huge key.

Stress Relief
Stress Relief

Hoping that you are motivated enough, let’s start with simple things first. 

* Stop binge eating food. When you feel emotional strain, you immediately start eating food, that too, bad one for health trying to compensate for all the problems you’re strained about. Stop doing that.

* Always stress exerts a lot of pressure on your brain and body, keep yourself active. When you feel you’re stressed up, stop forcing yourself under any prerequisite and walk away from the work you’ve been doing. Try to walk for 5-10 minutes and think about happy memories that will trigger your brain to relax.

* Listen to favourite music. Whenever you feel highly stressed up, pick your smart phone, if you’re in office walk from your station outside the room and if you’re at home walk outside listening to your favourite song. Make sure that it is a soothing melody. Your body will try to relax and mind starts thinking about other things. Take 10-15 minutes time and comeback to the work, you feel relaxed.

* Stand-up from your seat regularly. Don’t let your muscles cramp up by sitting in one posture all day. It will lead to weakness and fatigue. Keep getting up from your chair for 5 minutes every half-an-hour, you won’t feel baked.

* Play for half-an-hour daily. Just don’t think too much about it. Go out take a bat and ball, or set up carroms or just run around. Let the muscles loosen up and this will help in right blood circulation to brain, to decrease stress.

These are few simple steps that can help you in overcoming your stress. Will comeback with few more, but first try these!