Why do you don’t Lose Weight as fast as expected?


Why do you don’t Lose Weight as fast as expected?

Gaining weight or losing weight both are highly worrisome activities to many people today. Why you ask?

  1. A) Actors are becoming more and more good looking and are also spreading #FitIndia message.
    B) Marriage/Love
    C) Fitting into a dress you like
    D) Feeling tired regularly and unable to work properly
    E) Health issues that pile up with age
    F) Looking fat invites some unintentional insult comedy, that is, body shaming aimed at you
    G) Not being able to enjoy Nature like others who are fit.

Well, there can be many reasons, why you want to lose weight or for that matter gain weight too, but are you doing it the proper way? Today, we shall talk about losing weight and another we will surely get back to you about mistakes we commit while gaining weight too. So, let’s put a light on Mistakes we commit while losing weight.

Lose Weight fast
Lose Weight fast

1) I want to lose weight in 10 days!
The attitude to lose more weight is less number of days is highly dangerous to your health. Body works in a certain fashion, you cannot force it you overwork. That will make you suffer more in the long run.

You won’t realise this immediately when you start working out and stressing your body without proper nutritious food. You will find out on the 7th day, after starting your so called “Fool-proof” plan that it was indeed a mistake.

Due to lack of proper nutrition your hair starts falling down, your body pains post workout won’t reduce, your liver which stores nutritious excess food gets smaller and smaller, giving up all it stored, you feel hungry and lack any interest to do any work.

See, how bad it is! And the end result will be a complication that your body might develope low blood sugar due to sugar levels drop and you will have to recover in the hospital for the wrong diet you followed.

Also, you will end up over-eating and lack of any kind of self-control will once again spoil your metabolism and you will be gain more weight at wrong places, which will take much more time for you to lose. As lack of nutritious proper diet will also cause for Food Depression, you could end up eating more and more, even when you’re not hungry at all.

2) I will follow ten authors and will make one plan
We see many taking notes from different people and make their diet plan. But they don’t realise one thing that not every body acts the same and not everyone is equally genetically strong.

For suppose, you asked that slim guy at the gym about his diet, then you had a chat with that wonder woman who looks slim yet eats alot and works out even more. You also asked an uncle who is not losing weight as fast as others but getting fit (there is a difference in being fit and looking slim). All will share suggest different methods that worked out for them.

Now, you designed best possible plan by taking all the good elements. Well, this should work, right?

It won’t!!
Because your body will react differently to food and it has adjusted for one kind of food habits over the years. It won’t change overnight and as the transformation takes time, you feel further depressed about lack of quick results.

3) I will Workout 10 times more than others
We normally feel so enthusiastic at the beginning of the weight loss process that se workout more than others and even more than our body can bare. This is a huge mistake.

Belly Fat Lose
Belly Fat Lose

During initial days, your body produces enough adrenaline after beat the muscle pains to help you workout more and more. There will be a spring in your step and body reacts to your dedicated efforts.

Later all of sudden, you feel like you have spent enough time on gym. You don’t feel like working out same intensity. Well, you just hit dangerous problem, fatigue.

In any work, when any person feels this fatigue, the body resists their temptation fo do the routine. Body starts asking for more rest. As you don’t provide with same routine of workout, the food you take will not be digested as fast as earlier. You start turning out lazy and real weight loss will never happen, until you motivate yourself again.

Well, we will discuss how to get rid of these three basic mistakes that we commit and then will talk later about few more.

Don’t follow ten people and ten diet plans. Just follow one and one that suits your body by contacting a dietian and an expert in body training. They will observe you and suggest better.

Don’t plan the number of days you will give yourself to reduce. Tell your body that it needs to help you to help it, become better. Think about the goal you want to achieve and you will surprised that if you thought 6 months will be the maximum time, you will achieve it in just 4- 5 months.

Don’t show over-enthusiasm. Plan your workout properly with enough cardio time. Give your body time to recover and then make it a routine with fewer cheat days. Slowly, within 12-15 days, your body and mind will make it a habit to spend time at gym and the results will be more permanent than temporary!

Have a great time.

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