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Here is scientific insight on how pot water helps in Clearing Gut

Here is scientific insight you may not know why pot water helps in clearing gut

The new fad catching up among the city residents — drinking water that is well stored in pot(instant pot)s which are made out of mud and copper. While you, perhaps, might be thinking that it is quite common to see the practice among people using earthern pots and copper ones for consumption of water, here is the scientific insight which you may not know.

The water stored in any spherical object has less surface tension, according to the law of physics. Water which has less surface tension has the high ability to clean gut and impurities in the body. Unlike the bottled water which has high pressure due to its high surface tension, water stored in pots helps in reducing weight.

Even one of the age practices followed by saints and ascetics in India — is to consume water that is stored in ‘lota(mud pot)‘ made of brass, a colloquial term of a spherical object.

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