Why you shouldn’t neglect Diabetes?


Many of us are take healthcare very lightly and think we are invincible to any kind of health issues like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Cardiac Arrest. We believable in eating as much as we can and neglect the right intake of food, which is the most important part of our daily routine that helps us keep ourselves fit and mobile.

Why it is important to identify if you have Diabetes?
You might be thinking this is all a lecture and why we should really be worried about all this. Take Mr. Rajesh, a corporate employee as an example, he enjoys a lavish lifestyle of parties, friends and pubs at weekend. He likes to sleep late at night, take alcohol regularly and ignore gym and minimum exercises. He had to go for an urgent health check up one day has he fell unconscious while urinating in his bathroom. Doctors said he is diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, which is a most dangerous disease. He needed to stay in hospital for a week and for one whole month he couldn’t work at the normal pace. All this at the age of 26 years!
This is not a story that we created to just make you worry. This is a real life story and if you just open up your house doors and walk into your apartment corridors or even talk to neighbours early in the morning or evening, you will know manu stories like this. Just try once, not for us, but for your health sake.

How to identify if you have diabetes?
The common symptoms are that you feel dizzy, dryness in the mouth, you do feel hungry but feel like you don’t have enough strength to walk til

Why you shouldn't neglect Diabetes
Why you shouldn’t neglect Diabetes

l the dinning table too at regular intervals. The cuts and bleeds on your body don’t heel fast enough. Also, glucose levels fall vary rapidly in your blood that even you don’t know it until you have undergone tests.

Necessary steps to avoid diabetes
See, the funda is simple, you don’t have to cut down and become Buddha or Bodhi Dharma. All you have to do is, font ignore the symptoms, as Diabetes can transform genetically too. Try to bring in, some regularity into lifestyle like working out at workplace, as many corporates do include gymnasium and allow you some leeway to play during end of the day. Try to plan work accordingly and keep some cheat days to fulfill your appetite. Try to add protein shakes and fruits like apple, apricot and others into your regular diet, so that your food intake is in check. Also, bi-monthly go for regular check-ups to see that your body is not hiding something from you or if you’re unable to identify the clear signs.

Life is to live happily. It could short or long, as we can’t really control the destiny. All we can do is enjoy it as much as we can while we have the luck to get up everyday. Try to be healthy and imbibe a lifestyle that can helps you keep yourself fit, even at the age of 55 or 60. If Rajnikanth, Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna Akkineni can keep themselves fit enough at their respective ages, why should we give up our boon of nature, that is health, just because we are arrogant to not identify it! Live happy and stay fit.


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